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Would you rather: Ayers or Verner

Let me know your thoughts on who should play what!


So as I was reading over OTA notes it occurred to me that two of the Titans higher profile defenders will be splitting their time between two positions this season.

Alterraun Verner has been asked to learn how to play the free safety position. This is in addition to playing CB and some nickelback when the Titans want to play with a bigger set of corners on the outside. His time at free safety would likely put Michael Griffin (the team's worst defender last year according to PFF) on the bench. He could provide Tennessee with a good cover safety that could play in either man or zone, and would produce a fair amount of turnovers playing as a "rover".

Akeem Ayers has been an above average strong-side linebacker, but he has really excelled at defensive end. In a three point stance he has shown great quickness and bend which have lead to good pressure on opposing QBs. He has the potential to be a very good pass rusher in the NFL and the more time he spends as an edge rusher the more likely it is that the Titans will have two players with 10+ sack, not to mention how the pressure would help the rest of the defense.

So given both situations, would you rather have Alterraun Verner play more snaps at free safety OR have Akeem Ayers play more snaps as an edge rusher?

This isn't a conversation on what the coaches will do, it is what you would do if you were the head coach. Comment, rec, and vote for your choice below!