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Titans are not afraid to take chances in OTAs

From position switches to multiple formations, the Titans are trying everything in OTAs.


So far in six OTAs we have found out that:

-Karl Klug will be playing defensive end.

-Scott Solomon will be playing SLB.

-The Titans have a massive 3-man defensive front they are potentially going to use on 3rd down passing situations that doesn't involve Jurrell Casey.

-There will be much more press coverage this year than last year.

-Alterraun Verner has taken reps at free safety, which is could be foreshadowing to either a trade (I hope not) or a potential position change to a nickelback/rover hybrid defensive back.

-Tommie Campbell has been taking significant snaps with the first team defense and has looked great. He also fits the prototype of what you would look for in a press CB.

-Moise Fokou has taken snaps as the team's "starting" MLB ahead of a recovering Colin McCarthy.

And those are just the notes on defense.

The point is that the Titans coaching staff knows that they are in do-or-die mode right now and they are willing to try anything and everything to make this team more successful on both sides of the ball.

On offense the Titans have a new, creative OC who is planning on using many different looks while still keeping the offense simple and easy to learn. Mike Munchak has also gone back to "co-coaching" the OL and that is a great thing for Chris Johnson and Jake Locker.

On defense the Titans are employing essentially two defensive coordinators. While they are supposedly working in tandem it seems more like Gregg Williams is coaching the LBs/DL and Jerry Gray is coaching the DBs. I could be off on that, but given the massive (pun intended) overhaul of the defensive line and all the buzz about seeing more linebacker blitzes, I definitely see the Gregg Williams fingerprints all over the LBs/DL.

A losing season and an angry owner have forced Mike Munchak and his coaching staff into a corner. In doing so, the situation may have pushed the Titans to a new level both on offensive and defensive. The Titans now sit on the verge of a boom of bust year. The experiments could be a disaster and if so Bud Adams, being a man of his word, would clean house.

However, I am a strong believer and supporter of all the moves that the Titans are making and I think the old saying "Nothing is more dangerous than a cornered animal" is true and the Titans go on full attack mode this season and shock the NFL.