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Is Kenny Britt becoming irreplaceable for Titans?

#18 has had glowing reports this offseason and is clicking in the new offense. Is he becoming a key to the offense.


We all know the story. Boy plays football. Team drafts boy. Boy shows amazing potential on the field. Boy gets arrested multiple times in the same place and still keeps getting chances. A tale as old as time.

Fortunately for Titans fans, Kenny Britt has *crosses fingers* had a record low 0 arrests and a remarkably good offseason on the field as well. It appears that he is primed to perform at a high level for the Titans in his contract year.

It is hard to completely fault Britt for his lack of production in Tennessee. He was immediately in Jeff Fisher's bad graces despite his talent, and then after a combination of injuries, sub-par quarterbacks, and off the field distractions he failed to ever string together a series of dominant performances.

So why should this year be different?

1. He is healthy. Britt isn't limping around or on the side field with the strength and conditioning coach, he has been in the middle of the action for all of OTAs. That alone should put him in the best situation of his career.

2. He isn't the Titans only talented receiver. During the Matt Hasselbeck/Nate Washington/Kenny Britt era (you remember those three games right?) Britt thrived thanks to Hasselbeck's distribution of the ball and Washington's ability to demand help over the top. Well now he has Washington, Kendall Wright, and Justin Hunter all primed to draw special attention.

3. He should get extremely favorable matchups. If Justin Hunter and Kendal Wright are on the field then Britt won't be the biggest, fastest, or most reliable WR on the field but he could be the strongest. Matching up with those three will be a nightmare for defensive back and you leave Britt one-on-one and he gets the ball that CB is going to struggle to bring him down.

4. Defenses should have eight men in the box trying to stop the running game. If the Titans run the ball like their roster suggests, then teams should have an extra person in the box trying to deal with QB spy duty and monitoring the FB/TE going into the flats on bootlegs. If Locker gets Britt one-on-one in the middle of the field that could easily be a one-missed-tackle-and-gone scenario.

5. Finally, and most notably, it is a contract year. Britt like all athletes (and well everyone) wants to get paid and has additional motivation to perform. He will shrug of questions about it but we all know that unless he has a big year he is looking at a medium size contract with a bad team. If he wants to put himself in the conversation for a franchise tag or a big deal in 2014 then he needs to have a dominant, healthy year in 2013.

All these factors could make Britt the most dangerous offensive weapon that the Titans have had since the CJ2K season. If that happens how can the Titans let him slip through the cracks of free agency? The answer is they can't, not if Jake Locker finds a rhythm with him. So if Kenny Britt wants to become irreplaceable then he is off to the right start.