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Titans using completely new playbook

Dowell Loggains has scrapped what the Titans did the last couple of years and started over. That is a very good thing.

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David Climer wrote a column today about the Titans shredding their old playbook. A couple of bullet point thoughts from the article:

  • The column makes me feel better about Dowell Loggains as the offensive coordinator. The offense didn't get any better last season after he took over. Part of that was because Gramsey and Pratt were playing offensive line, but his play calling wasn't impressive. Now we know that is because he was still using Chris Palmer's playbook.
  • Why would they need to shred that playbook? Don't you only shred things that are important and you don't want anyone else to have? Trust me, no one else wants that.
  • Also, how do you shred stone tablets (because Chris Palmer is old, get it?)?

I like this quote from Loggains in the article:

"In today’s NFL, not throwing the ball a lot is still throwing it around 30 times a game," Loggains said. "We are going to be a run, play-action team first, but we’re still going to drop back and throw the football.

That puts my mind at ease because part of me was worried that the Titans were heading back to the up Amano's a** on 1st and 2nd down days.