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Check Out Our Major/Cryptic MCM Radio News!

After a solid hour of Titans talk, the real bombshell came in bonus time...


After the regular show ended on Wednesday night, Danomite and I gave you loyal listeners some hints about some major guests we have coming over the next two weeks. Of course, we're not putting all out cards on the table just yet because... who doesn't love a surprise!?

That's not to say the rest of the show before it was shopped liver. We welcomed in MCM's newest writer, Josh Gunnels (who was previously the assistant editor at Titan Sized), and he joined us on a deep dive discussion on Chris Johnson's reputation with fans. We also discussed the injury rumors coming out of OTAs, and how they may be inhibiting the progress of the new offense.

You can stream the whole show through the BTR player below, or you can get it as a podcast in iTunes.

Enjoy, and let the speculation begin!

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