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Beanie Wells visiting Jaguars; Ahmad Bradshaw visiting Colts

I assume some of you join me in cringing when you hear either of these names because you have owned one or both of them on a fantasy team. They dominate for a while, but ultimately leave you searching the waiver wire for someone to plug in because they have that dreaded little red Q next to their name pretty much every week.

Mike Ehrmann

Apparently it is tire-kicking day for oft-injured running backs in the AFC South. It has been reported on Twitter that the Indianapolis Colts will host Ahamad Bradshaw for a visit and that the Jacksonville Jaguars will host Beanie Wells. There is no way of knowing at this point how much interest there is between either team and/or either player.

Bradshaw is the more intriguing player of the two to me. While both have had their injury issues, Ahmad has been really good while he has been on the field. He would be quite the weapon for the Colts because not only is he a really good running back, but he catches the ball well out of the backfield.

They already have Vick Ballard, but Bradshaw would be a nice compliment to him, and Bradshaw would greatly benefit from being a complimentary back at this point in his career.

Wells doesn't bring as much versatility as Bradshaw, but the Jags would have quite the two-headed running back monster if they were to add Beanie with Maurice Jones-Drew (assuming the latter isn't in prison).