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Bernard Pollard to skip White House visit for Titans OTAs tomorrow

Bernard Pollard- be still my beating heart..


The Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl team is going to the White House tomorrow. Bernard Pollard was on that team, but he will not be taking the trip. Instead, he will be in Nashville practicing with the Titans. Here is what he had to say about it according to Terry McCormick:

“The coaches have nothing to do with it,” Pollard said. “My team, me being here with my teammates, practicing, lifting weights and doing whatever we can to get better as a football team and to produce and do whatever we can to be the man across from us on the football field when the bullets are live, that’s why I made the decision I made.”

There was a lot to hate about Pollard before he signed here- first and foremost being that he played for the Texans and Ravens, but Pollard has done a lot to get Titans' fans on his side in his short time here. He is bringing an attitude to this team that is has severely lacked. I can't wait to see him, as he says, when the bullets are live.