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Wessling: Jake Locker entering make or break season

The future of Jake Locker and Mike Munchak hangs in the balance with Locker's 2013 performance.

Grant Halverson

FOR SHAME! Chris Wesseling of NFL ATL wrote an article today talking about this being a make or break season for Jake Locker. You might LOL at that, but it is the absolute truth. Locker needs to show major strides in year three or the franchise will be forced to look in a different direction.

Here is a snippet from Wessling's article:

Fortunately for Locker, offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains is expected to install a system similar to Gary Kubiak's Houston Texans offense, one that combines zone blocking with play-action and designed rollouts and bootlegs. It's the ideal scheme to emphasize Locker's strengths while hiding his weaknesses, the latter of which include anticipation and reading progressions.

We have been begging for an offense that is tailored to fit the players, and it seems like that is exactly what we are going to get this season. Keep in mind that Loggains spent significant time learning under Mike Heimerdinger, and remember what Dinger was able to do with Steve McNair.

Locker has better weapons than McNair ever did, so the ceiling could be pretty high for Locker here. Fingers crossed....