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Titans fantasy football awards: Wide Receivers

Which Titans WR should you avoid, and which ones are worth the risk?


I'm not much of an expert when it comes to fantasy football, (in the four "real" leagues I have been in I did win one title and I came in second the year after) but I do have a pretty good handle on the Titans WR prospects and these are the awards I would give each one.

Biggest question mark: Nate Washington

Everything out of camp has been pro-Washington, however he was a completely different player in 2012 than in 2011. 2011 Nate Washington played 100% in extreme pain as evidence by that horrifying audio vs the Saints, but in 2011 he seems to trail off and wasn't playing focused.

I think if the Titans win games early and Washington buys into the system then FF owners could have a potential WR3 on their hands vs good teams and a WR2 in weeks versus Oakland, Indy (2x), Jacksonville (2x), and San Diego. If the Titans start off slow then he probably isn't worth a roster spot and it is time to cut bait.

Biggest Headache: Kenny Britt

The former first round pick has never played a full season, but he is due for one game a year that makes everyone regret benching him. On paper he is a matchup nightmare, but he continues to underwhelm on a week to week basis.

As for me, I have fallen into the Britt trap two of the last three years, and I won't be doing it this time. I think Kenny has the potential for a breakout year, but his up-and-down numbers make it hard for me to bite on him.

Most consistent: Kendall Wright

Wright may not put up big numbers, but in his second year Jake Locker should build a healthy chemistry with the former Baylor Bear. One of Wright's strong suits in college was his sticky hands and that has translated into the NFL. In a pinch I expect Wright to be the go to guy and he will be a WR3 guy with some nice upside.

Boom or Bust: Justin Hunter

So far Hunter is a complete unknown. In college, he was a long-striding, deep threat that earned a cushion versus some of the best defenders in the NCAA. If he and Locker build chemistry then Hunter will eat those cushions alive like teams have done to the Titans for years.

However there is an equal chance that Hunter could be held back this year due to the depth at the WR position and his injury issues. Be very careful here, but if you see people reaching for D/ST and Hunter is still available it might be a good move to stash him.

Sleeper: Damian Williams

Before your judge, here are some facts about Williams

-Williams has caught a ball in 28 of the 32 games in the last two seasons.

-Williams caught 67% of his targets last year which is more than Britt, Wright, or Washington.

-He backs up two WRs with recent major injury issues (Hunter and Britt)

-He is competing for the #5 WR job with a veteran who has yet to practice and a practice squad player that hasn't beaten him out for a job yet.

If you are in a deep, 12/16 man league (especially if it is a PPR league) then in the late rounds when people are taking backup RBs and kickers, if you have a need for some depth at WR then take Williams as a conservative pick.