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2013 NFL Draft: Chance Warmack Scouting Report

Taking a Chance!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

So here we are at last. The final scouting report of the Titans' 2013 draft class is written. It's been a great adventure doing these for MCM, however long it took (due to outside circumstances in my life but that's neither here or there.) I'd like to thank everyone who read, commented, and spread the word about the posts. So without further ado, here it is!

Player Name: Chance Warmack

Position: G

Height/Weight: 6'2 317

School/Class: Alabama, Senior


The Tape:

2012 Highlights

2012 vs LSU

The Blocking Clinic vs Notre Dame

2012 Third Saturday in October

2012 SEC Title vs Georgia


- A puncher's Chance - Warmack has a punch that rivals Ivan Drago's in strength. He uses it well to initially break down onrushing defenders before using his consistent arms to further neutralize them in their tracks. When run blocking, he looks to punish defenders just for merely looking at him with some of the best pancake blocks the college game has seen in awhile.

- Underrated athleticism - Warmack isn't the greatest athlete out there but he has just enough to get by and dominate his man when some pulling is required. He has quick feet and hands along with the ability to keep them moving at a rapid pace when run blocking.

- Intelligence - In Nick Saban's world, if you can't pick up the complicated yet simple Alabama pro style schemes, much less the entire playbook, you're not playing no matter how good you are and could be "processed" in short order. Warmack possesses very good intelligence and is technically sound in his game.


- Athleticism - He isn't ideally suited for seemingly endless and ultimately futile receiver/halfback screen plays that are sure to be called in 2013. Warmack is more of an in your face, smashmouth type of guard that can stay in lockstep with a defender and dominate him within the pocket. I've studied the infamous Alex Gibbs' zone blocking scheme that the Broncos and Texans used for countless hours but CW isn't a fit when a screen is called. How you ask? Warmack hasn't developed the required short area burst when he's on the move part of his game yet.


This could be a franchise defining and ultimately a general manager's career defining pick. I love the pick as it filled a must have need while improves the line as a whole. CW could be a long term solution to the Titans' inability to field competent NFL level guards. Much like his position coach, head coach, and many other legendary greats at his position, he could be in the league for awhile. I can see Warmack and Andy Levitre forming a potent guard duo similar to what the Saints had with Jahri Evans and Carl Nicks (before Nicks left for the Tampa Bay money to partner up with another good guard in Davin Joseph).

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