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Two notable changes in the Titans depth chart

During this dead time between OTAs and training camp, this may be one of the more important bits of news you read on the Titans.


So the Titans released an updated depth chart this week and most of it looked like what you would have expected: Chance Warmack starting RG, Velasco still leads the center battle, and ATV is fending off Tommie Campbell for the number two outside CB spot. However, there were two changes that I didn't expect.

Change number one: Marc Mariani is listed as the starting kick returner/punt returner.

Huh? Surely this isn't permanent, they must have missed the fact that Mariani just had a major leg injury and during his absence Darius Reynaud was stellar .If it is true that Mariani is set to start again my only logical explanation is that the Titans feel that Reynaud's inability to take a knee is an issue.

Personally I think this is a mistake and once the Titans have the two in camp Reynaud will win the job outright, but Mariani is a guy who has done that job well and he is a great story. If the Titans do go with MM then Reynaud should find a spot on the team as a WR/RB.

Change number two: Craig Stevens is listed as the starting FB.

The idea of Stevens or Taylor Thompson at FB makes of ton of sense, but this is the first time I have seen it on paper. As far as I know this is the first record of the Titans planning to move Stevens full time to a hybrid FB role.This move would allow the Titans to utilize the blocking ability of Craig Stevens without sacrificing Delanie Walker's reps.

As for the tight end group Walker will start, but I imagine the Titans have a few plays and packages specifically designed to get Taylor Thompson to seal the edge.

The more I read about what Dowell Loggains is doing with the Titans offense the more faith I have in him. He seems to understand where the Titans are strong and he could live up to his lofty reputation as one of the talented young coaches in the league.