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Titans poll: Would you draft Derrick Morgan again?

Taking a look back at the 2010 NFL Draft.

Jeff Zelevansky

With the 16th pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans select...Derrick Morgan defensive end from Georgia Tech.

That is what Titans fans heard on April 22, 2010, but would you do that again if you had the chance? This is the case for and against one of the more intriguing Titans draft picks in recent years.


-Ignoring hindsight, the Titans were lucky that Morgan fell into their laps. Both Jason Pierre-Paul and Brandon Graham were defensive ends that were drafted before Morgan, but most of the analysts agreed that Morgan was a better pick.

-The Titans had just lost KVB and Javon Kearse and the defense needed to add a defensive end.

-Without a second round pick (used in the previous year to move up and grab a disappointing TE) the Titans made a conservative value pick that also fit a great need. The war room probably thought this was their "best case scenario" at the time.

-Despite the knee injury early in his career, Morgan has stedily improved and is currently one of the most underrated defensive players in the league. His QB pressures and run stuff stats should continue to get better as he matures in a defense that has added a lot of talent in the past few years.


-The Titans passed on another solid player (Maurkice Pouncey) that could have helped keep the running game preforming at an elite level, and they may have been better off. Pouncey looks like he could be a top-three center in the NFL for a long time and with Morgan's knee injury the Titans were still forced to play Babin and Ball (who turned out to be a great combo) as their starting DEs.

-The Titans also could have taken a swing at Dez Bryant or Demarius Thomas. The Jeff Fisher style of football never called for two big, dynamic WRs, but they were still highly touted talents that could have helped future QBs like Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker. This is a bit of a forced fit, but they were tremendous athletes and during that time the Titans weren't afraid of taking an athlete with the first or second pick and hoping to turn him into a great player.

SO...with all of that in mind, plus your own personal opinion of Derrick Morgan's short NFL career the question is: would you draft Derrick Morgan again if you were running the Titans. Vote and comment below.