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Did the Tennessee Titans improve? RB edition

Simple question for you: Did the Tennessee Titans improve at running back from 2012 to 2013?

Frederick Breedon

Yesterday we looked at the quarterback position in this series. The "yes" vote has a strong 87% in that one. I am a little bit surprised it is that high, but it is hard to argue. Today we look at the running backs.

2012 running backs: Chris Johnson, Javon Ringer, Jamie Harper, Darius Reynaud
2013 running backs: Chris Johnson, Shonn Greene, Darius Reynaud, Jalen Parmele

Advantage: 2013

I know, at times, there has been a lot of love for Ringer on this site, but the fact is that he just isn't an NFL quality running back. There is no doubt that Shonn Greene is an upgrade. In fact, he isn't just here to be a back-up. He is going to play a vital role in the 2013 offense.

Also, the fact that Harper is no longer on the roster is an instant update. They brought him in with the hopes that he could be a Shonn Greene. He was not. He was a tip-toeing running back in a bruiser's body- and not in a good way.

Jalen Parmele is also an intriguing option behind the first two. He is not a feature back, but he is an upgrade from Harper.

So, did the Titans get better at running back?