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How did you first become a Titans fan?

What led you to following the two-toned blue?

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So training camp opens 4 weeks from today. These are going to be a long four weeks, but we will do our best here to help you through it. One way to get through it is different discussion topics. I will do my best to have new topic posted here each weeknight from now until camp begins.

Tonight's discussion- How did you first become a Titans fan?

My story is pretty simple. Growing up I was a big fan of the NFL, but the team I cheered for changed as different teams became popular (I was a fake-weather fan growing up). That changed when I was in middle school and saw a preseason game at Vanderbilt between the Buccaneers and Bills. No one was a Buccaneers fan, so I became one (going from fake-weather fan to trend setter).

Cheering for the Bucs was fine, but I still longed for local team to cheer for. Then, in the mid-90's, yellow "NFL YES" signs started popping up in yards around the city. That, of course, was a vote to get public funding for a stadium for Bud Adams to move the then Houston Oilers into.

The rest is history. The team moved here, changed it's name to the Titans, went to the Super Bowl and I was hooked.

That's my story. What's yours?