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Why this is the year of the edge rusher for Titans

The Titans pass rush is in for a HUGE boost. Here is why.


The Titans shocked their fan base in the 2013 NFL Draft when they didn't choose a defensive lineman until the fifth round (Lavar Edwards), but fans could be in for a year that produces more sacks than the Titans have seen since the 2008 team that managed to rack up 44.

The Titans flew under the radar last year in terms of being one of the best teams at pressuring opposing QBs. In fact, the Titans were ninth in that category last year (with 39) above teams with elite pass rushers like San Francisco, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Seattle, and the New York Giants. So what could the Titans have going for them in 2013 that they didn't have in 2012?

Well first of all the Titans face some of the worst offensive tackles in the league this year. This is a list of the teams the Titans will face and how many sacks their 2012 OFFENSIVE TACKLES allowed.

Week 1 Pittsburgh: 12

Week 2 & 17 Houston: 10

Week 3 San Diego: 28

Week 4 New York Jets: 13

Week 5 Kansas City: 10

Week 6 Seattle: 6

Week 7 San Francisco: 16

Week 8 Bye

Week 9 St. Louis: 16

Week 10 & 16 Jacksonville: 16

Week 11 &13 Indianapolis: 16

Week 12 Oakland: 15

Week 14 Denver: 5

Week 15 Arizona: 32

Those numbers mean that if the edge rushers for the Titans preform up to league average then the edge players alone should get seven sacks each, which would be 3.5 more sacks than the Titans tandem of DEs had in 2012.

Now, this isn't exactly a science. Teams like Jacksonville and San Diego did go out and add new offensive tackles, but rookie OTs rarely shine in their first year and more often than not lead the line in breakdowns in communication. If the Titans can stop the run on first and second down (which is what that defense is built for) then crafty pass rushing packages and clever blitzes could push the Titans above their 44 sack mark.