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My five Titans on the bubble after OTAs

The Titans are exceptionally deep this year so cuts are going to be tough. Find out who I think is in a make or break situation.


The Titans coaching staff has had 11 practices to evaluate the talent on the roster. At this point, the coaches are readying depth charts for camp, and labeling the players that warrant keeping an eye on during the cut days. These are five players I believe could either be a Titan during the 2013 season, or could be looking for another opportunity if they don't make the most of their chances.

Michael Preston, WR

It is hard for me to put Preston's name down because I love his frame and his steady hands, however the Titans just drafted Justin Hunter and added Kevin Walter. Those moves make the roster really cluttered at WR and at the end of the day he may be the cheapest person to cut.

Jack Doyle, TE

Doyle is in the opposite situation of WR MIchael Preston. Doyle is at a position the Titans' new offense revolves around and he has solid upside and the prototypical measurements from what you want in a TE. The only problem is the Titans are already carrying three legitimate TEs (Walker, Stevens, Thompson) a fringe player (Brandon Barden) and are likely to have a FB (Quinn Johnson).

The coaches are familiar with those players and Doyle needs to show that he can continue to be a force in the passing game and as a blocker.

Byron Stingiliy OL

The constant addition of OL has to be discouraging to Stingiliy. The Titans have patched holes at every offensive line spot and now he will be battling with veterans Mike Otto and Barry Richardson for the swing tackle job. The only thing that could save him is that the Titans are desperately making sure that they don't have to rely on inexperienced backups again and they may keep him just for the sake of numbers.

Al Afalava S

The Titans added three new safeties in the offseason and are making a distinction between FS and SS, unfortunately Afalava plays the wrong one. Afalava's saving grace could be to take over Tommie Campbell's "gunner" spot on special teams if the Titans want to reduce their penalties and let him get a breather in between defensive snaps.

Stefan Charles DL

I have a soft spot for Stefan Charles. The Canadian defensive lineman posses everything you want from a defensive lineman, he is strong, big, long, experienced, and he gets under the skin of offensive linemen. He can fit anywhere on the defensive line from the tape that I have seen and despite telling teams in the CFL that he would give football a shot in the NFL if he was signed, he was still drafted in the top 10.

If the Titans can polish him up I think he could be a very useful rotational player and maybe even a starter.