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Have the Titans been too relaxed in the offseason?

The Titans have skipped two of their 13 work days this summer. Should Titans fans be concerned about the final product they will put on the field during the season?


It is no secret that coaches like to reward good workouts or practices by giving the players more free time, however giving the players two days off in a span of four would-be practices might raise some red flags.

In the defense of head coach Mike Munchak, the Titans have reportedly had exceptional attendance by most of their players this offseason which could be the reason they have reached the end of the mental work they can do without pads. The biggest question remaining though is, "Is 11 practices long enough to teach a full roster a completely new offense and defense?" and I think the answer is very different for both sides of the ball.

I do believe that Dowell Loggains has simplified things for the offensive players to the point where the base packages for most situations have probably been installed thoroughly. The offense as a whole sounds simple, except for the quarterback who will have to be able to sell bootlegs, decide when to keep the ball, remember audibles, and learn how to run the no-huddle. Other than that, I can understand why the Titans lightened the load given that they had a lot of "injuries" to the depth players on that side of the ball.

Defensively, the Titans needed all the time they could get. Gregg Williams' new defensive schemes not withstanding, the Titans were so bad defensively that they could have spent a lot of the time teaching the fundamentals of tackling and coverage responsibilities *cough* Griffin *cough*. Additionally the Titans have either new starters or role players on every level of the defense that could certainly use the reps to create chemistry and a sense of timing.

Either way, it is too late to cry over spilled milk and Titans fans can judge with their own eyes in a month when training camp rolls around.