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Listen to the latest MCM Radio with Mike Keith

... or find somewhere else to go (emphatic period)

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Sorry for the late follow-up post, but if you haven't listened to the episode of MCM Radio that Danomite and I did on Wednesday then you better keep your head down... cus the ban hammer will not be pleased.

Mike Keith, the voice of the Titans, joined us at the top, and what proceeded was easily the most enjoyable 45 minutes of Titans talk I can remember having. I'm not going to spoil anything, but tears were nearly shed (at least on my end) by the end of the show.

You can stream the show through BTR's snazzy new embed player below, or you can download it (and our entire archive) through iTunes as a podcast. You can also subscribe to it through iTunes, so you'll get the full show automatically as soon as the show ends.

Also, if you enjoyed the show and want to help keep it going, you can donate at Paypal. Every cent goes to our premium costs at BTR, but the fractional cents are rounded down and secretly transferred into our Internet Swiss bank account*.

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* that's called an asterisks, btw