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What to look for in week two of OTAs

What are the things to keep an eye out for in week two of the OTAs? Here is my list.


With my final post of the weekend I thought it would be fitting to write a list of things that I am hoping and/or expecting to see in the headlines for the Titans this week.

1. Chance Warmack recovers from rough start in pass protection.

Warmack has said that the defensive linemen are allowed to be even closer to the ball pre-snap than the were in the SEC. That combined with their quickness and experience have frustrated him early, but now he will know what to expect and anything he isn't ready for coach Munchak and Mathews will warn him about.

2. Justin Hunter makes it to practice and see time as the "Z" and "Slot" WR.

Hopefully Hunter's hammy heals (yay alliteration) up properly over the weekend and the Titans take the training wheels off of him. Hunter's size, speed, and versatility could make him a deadly catch and run WR over the middle, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him line up in the slot for a few snaps just to give the coaching staff an idea of what he brings to the table there.

3. Tommie Campbell, Blidi Wreh-Wilson, and Coty Sensabaugh make the CB battle the most talked about camp story.

The three corners all need to establish what their role is long-term for the Titans. Campbell has shown that he can be a good special teams player but his penalties are starting to weigh against him. The two younger players need to show coaches that they can impact the game and that they should be in the running for the 3rd CB spot.

4. McCarthy moves into the starting MLB role.

I wrote earlier that it was a good idea to ease McCarthy into the starting role again, but by the fifth/sixth OTA I would be surprised if McCarthy wasn't running around with the starters. He needs to get a feel for the timing of the LB blitzes and he can't do that if he isn't playing with the starting LBs.