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Nate Washington looking the part in early OTAs

According to the media sources at the practices, Washington made some spectacular catches at practice. Is he back to being the Nate Washington fans know and love?

Rick Stewart

I really thought we would see WR Nate Washington cut or traded by this point. Not because I want it that way, but because with the rumors of a trade pre-draft, talks of Washington being in coach Munchak's dog house, and the drafting of Justin Hunter all signs seemed to point to an inevitable departure from Nashville.

All reports from OTAs have been conflicting those notions though.

Firstly, he is there which gives him a leg up over Kevin Walter and Justin Hunter both of which sat out due to mild injuries. I know it is better safe than sorry and I fully support that idea, but missing reps is going to hurt Hunter's chances to start and Walter's chances to stay on the team.

Secondly, he made some spectacular Washington-like catches. One catch was over the back of a defender a la the infamous 2012 Detroit Lions game. Another catch involved him laying out to get a ball, which would seem out of place if Washington either wanted out or had quit on the team.

Finally, he has stayed out of the media other than saying he wants to be with the Titans. Washington didn't demand any answers or display any diva attitude towards the Titans coaching staff when news came out that a trade was possible. That maturity is half of what made him such a valuable asset to the Titans these past few years, and if he is still truly committed to playing in two-toned blue then there is definitely a spot on the roster for him.

It is early, and I know the smart approach is to say I will believe it when I see it but right now Nate Washington's stock is soaring in my eyes. If he can be the player he was from Tennessee's 9-7 season then the Titans may have one of the most dangerous 4-wide receiver tandems in the league in their back pocket.