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Kenny Britt wants to be Kenny Britt circa 2011

And that would be just fine with us..

This is going to be an interesting year for Kenny Britt. He is entering the last year of his rookie contract, so he needs to be really good if he wants a big contract next offseason. None of us doubt that he CAN be really good. The only question is will he.

The problem with Kenny has always been twofold:

1. He cannot stay healthy.
2. He can't stay out of trouble off the field.

If he is somehow able to overcome both of those things this year, he will have a monster season. He claims he is ready to do that according to Terry McCormick:

“I'm gonna be the receiver I was two years ago, and I'm probably gonna be even better than that because I've focused more on football than I ever have in my life the last few months. I'm excited to see what I can do this year,” Britt said. “They're counting on me to be on the field and to do the right things on the field and off the field. They expect me the be the pro athlete I should be and I'm gonna be.”
All of that sounds really nice- making it happen is another story..