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Titans offensive line coach Bruce Matthews talks Chance Warmack; center battle

Hall of Fame offensive lineman and Titans O line coach Bruce Matthews joined The Wake Up Zone on 104.5 The Zone this morning to talk about OTAs and Chance Warmack among other things.


How will the unscripted practices help you guys when you get into games and have to think on your feet?

We had changes on the coaching staff as well, so basically what we have done is scouted our defense and seen how we would attack them, and vice versa for the defense. It's good because it is kind of a dry run for that game situation and once to hit the preseason and training camp that isn't something we will have to worry about because we have been through it.

What are the keys to getting good work done for the offensive line when you aren't able to hit or wear pads like you normally would?

It is funny because you can really be productive as far as the offensive line even though there are no pads on. Really so much of our game is about footwork and understanding leverage and scheme and concept of the play. Sometimes when you factor out the physical element like we have in OTAs and mini-camp it enables you to focus on those things- especially younger guys. It is really good for them.

What do you think Chance Warmack's biggest challenge is going to be facing NFL defenses his rookie year?

Probably the biggest thing is that he is going to have to bring it every week, and that starts with day one of training camp. The thing they found out right away, as any young player does, is that there are a lot of good players in this league. The ones that you have heard about, and will get excited for, the J.J. Watt when we play Houston twice a year, but it doesn't matter- his back-up and every other starter in this league is going to bring it. His [Watt's] skill set may be stronger than others, but you are going to get challenged every week. That is one of the most exciting things about playing in the league- there are no...I can't think of any bad college teams (laughs)..

What do you think about Brian Schwenke competing with Fernando Velasco for the starting center job?

We were real excited to get Brian. We really noticed him in the Senior Bowl when we went down there in January. He stood out playing guard and center. I think he has a real bright future in this league. The kid is 325 pounds and he can run really well and is very explosive. He is a smart kid. Just like Chance, there is a learning curve involved. Just getting to that point where you are comfortable, especially at the center position because the whole offense and everything is based upon you doing your job and setting the table so everyone else can make plays.

Coach Matthews went on to talk about his sons playing together at Texas A&M this season, and the fact that his dad quit playing professional football because he was making more money in the offseason(!).

They haven't posted the interview on their website yet, but check here later and it might be there.