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Who is the most overrated player on the Titans?

This one seems pretty obvious to me....

Rick Stewart

This is always a topic that breeds good conversation. You can use whatever criteria you want to deem someone overrated. I choose to base it on contract, and that leaves us with only two choices- Chris Johnson and Michael Griffin.

CJ is not worth the money the Titans are paying him right now. I understood why they gave him the money at the time, and had he continued to play the way he did before he got the money it wouldn't have been a terrible deal. The problem is that he declined. Part of that is on the offensive line, but he should still be doing more than he is based on that contract.

With all of that being said, the obvious choice for me is Michael Griffin. The Titans gave him a long-term deal when he had never done anything to deserve it, and he didn't get any better after they game him the money.

What say ye?