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Titans open mini-camp today

A couple of things to watch as the Titans enter their last offseason activity before training camp.

Frederick Breedon

Today starts the Tennessee Titans three-day mandatory mini-camp. It is the last on the field activity that the Titans will have as a team until training camp opens at the end of July. We are about to enter a very dark period for the NFL, but after these six weeks football will be here.

What will the Titans hope to accomplish in these next three days?

On offense it will be all about getting everyone on the same page in the new offense. When we bowled with Colin Mooney last week I asked him how different the offense will be. He said that the run game is pretty much the same, but the passing game is completely different. These three days will be really important for Jake Locker and the receivers. They should be able to lay a foundation that they can build on once training camp starts.

ATV told us that the defense will also look completely different. He said there will be pressure coming from everywhere. The most interesting thing on defense is going to be watching how the cornerback rotation plays out. What will happen when they shift to nickel? Will ATV move inside? If he does, will it be Tommie Campbell or Blidi Wreh-Wilson that comes in to play outside?

We probably won't get a firm answer to that question this week, but it will be interesting to see how the rotation plays out.