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Former Titans coaching candidates: Offense

With the NBA's Jason Kidd being hired to coach his former team, it makes me wonder which former Titans would fit best as NFL coaches.

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The Titans have a very brief history, so trying to do this without dipping into the "Oiler-pool" was tough. My criteria for a coaching candidates were:

1. Must have played with the Titans at some point in their career.

2. A player that played exclusively with the Oilers cannot be a candidate, but a player that played at least one year with the Titans is acceptable.

3. A player can be considered whether they are active or retired.

4. This list isn't based on production alone, it also factors in football IQ, temperament, work ethic, poignancy, and technical skills.

5. If their were two players close to getting a job, the one that loses the head to head contest will be named the "assistant" to that position.

This is the list for the offensive positions.

OL coach: Kevin Mawae

Mawae didn't face much competition for the job. The former center was elected to a position of power by his teammates and he had a relentless motor that matched his work ethic off the field. His accolades and achievements would give him enough credibility to make even the most talented offensive linemen respect his coaching.

TE coach: Alge Crumpler

Crumpler seems like the kind of coach that wouldn't start a player that isn't useful on both running and passing plays, which allows the TE to stay on the field more and therefore be a bigger part of the offense. This mentality would work really well with the OC candidate I list below.

WR coach: Derrick Mason

Mason has a plethora of achievements and awards both for the Titans franchise and the NFL as a whole. He is a player that could teach young WRs the more subtle aspects of the game, especially those who rely more on speed than size.

Asst. WR coach: Randy Moss

Randy Moss would have gotten the job but it felt like cheating considering how little he played for TN.

RB coach: Eddie George

Easy choice. George was a gritty player that gave his all both in-between the tackles and on the outside. If he was given a well rounded RB I have confidence that he could take them to the next level.

QB coach: Matt Hasselbeck

Hasselbeck may just be my choice because of his recency, but he has gotten glowing reports from everyone he has been around. Hasselbeck's limitations were physical not mental in his time with the Titans and coaches, players, and agents alike seem to think this guy's character and intelligence make him the perfect role model in the QB meeting room.

Offensive coordinator: Frank Wycheck

Frank Wycheck is definitely the guy you want running your offense. For one thing he knows how to make a city fall in love with him. During the team's transition from the Oilers to the Titans, Wycheck made himself a face of the franchise to the community, and he has enough friends in the media to put a positive spin on his hiring.

On the field, Wycheck gives you the perfect blend of conservative and creative play calling. On one hand you have one of seven TEs to catch more than 500 career passes. On the other hand you have the guy who was involved in the namesake of this website, and a guy who could bring the best out of athletic tight ends like Taylor Thompson.