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MIke Munchak Takes The Titans To The Movies

The Titans got to see a sneak preview of World War Z yesterday to wrap up their OTAs.

Shawn Jefferson could be in World War Z
Shawn Jefferson could be in World War Z

The Tennessee Titans players were given a bit of a surprise on their last day of OTA's this year by head coach Mike Munchak. Instead of hitting the field and sucking wind, they chilled in the AC and went to town on some popcorn.

The Titans got to go see a sneak preview of World War Z. I'm sure it was a nice surprise and a good break for the team as well as an overall thoughtful move by Munchak.

Due to the highly active off season the Titans have had, combined with how horrible the team was last year, there is an awful lot of expectations and pressure on this team. The attention from fans is at an all time high for this time of year, and you can almost hear the ticking of owner Bud Adams' time clock. I know the coaches feel it as we have heard Munchak say in press conferences that they have to win and win now. Focus and determination is great, but too stressful of an atmosphere can be detrimental to the players as well.

From all accounts, the players worked hard during the past few weeks and everyone was accounted for. The team has a lot of young players mixed with a lot of new faces. The time in OTAs is not only good for implementing the play book and getting everyone up to speed, but also for simply bonding and creating cohesion as a unit.

One day less of reps on the field and a day spent doing an extra curricular activity seems like a good call. Munchak seems like a no nonsense kind of coach, and I'm sure the team appreciates it. They'll be ready for a three day mini camp next week.