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Five questions the Titans DON'T have about Locker

All the talk this offseason has been about what questions Jake Locker has to answer in the upcoming season. On the other hand, what five questions has Jake Locker already answered?

Grant Halverson

Jake Locker is a flawed quarterback.

This isn't groundbreaking news, and every quarterback not named Manning or Brady is a flawed quarterback. Brees is short, Rivers is too emotional, Cutler is battered, Big Ben has off the field issues and has always relied on a good defense, Flacco has limited mobility and relies too much on arm strength and the list goes on.

The point is, it is an offensive coordinator's job to run the offense around what the quarterback does well. With that said, I thought it would be constructive to give a list of five questions that Titans QB Jake Locker has answered about his abilities.

1. Does he posses the arm strength to be an NFL QB?

Jake Locker's arm strength is outstanding and he could be one of the best vertical passing threats in the league if he was given the proper time in the pocket. Whether Locker is evading pressure or on a designed roll out, his strength has always been more than enough to get the ball where it needed to go.

2. Is he limited to a certain scheme?

Locker can fit in to any scheme although with any quarterback there are some options that would probably suit him better than others. Locker has the physical ability to play in any situation as long as his surrounding cast doesn't crumble around him.

3. Will he put in the work necessary to become a good QB?

The offseason is always brimming with reports of Locker taking extra reps or doing something out of the ordinary to get better. I believe that he has the determination of a star QB, but confusing offensive schemes and splitting reps in training camp with Matt Hasselbeck did not help the young Titan.

4. What sets him apart from other NFL QBs?

Locker has two assets that set him apart from other NFL QBs in my opinion: speed and a gritty attitude when running the ball. I know that you always want your QB to be a better passer than runner but Locker's awareness, determination, vision, and speed when running make him a top tier talent in that regard. If an OC incorporated those assets into Locker's play calls then it would show immediate dividends.

5. Can he be a great leader?

Whether you are listening to sound clips, watching interviews, or watching film it is obvious that Locker is trying his best to lead the team. It had to be hard for the first year starter to try to motivate long time veterans like Steve Hutchinson and Nate Washington, but he was well received by all accounts.

If Locker can keep up these attributes and maybe polish his game up a little more, then the Titans could have a franchise QB in their midst.