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Titans Taylor Thompson poised for a breakout season?

Thompson is an unbelievable blocker. Now all he needs to do is hone is craft as a receiver.

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Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Pro Football Focus is very high on Taylor Thompson. In fact, they named him a secret superstar in a post today. The best thing about Thompson to this point has been his run blocking. He really could be a weapon for this team if they can refine his receiving skills. He has all of the physical tools. Now it is just about getting him to put it all together.

It is only June, but you have to love this quote from the article:

Throw in Walker’s +2.5 run-blocking grade, and Thompson’s absurd +7.3 run-blocking grade on just 173 snaps, and the Titans’ rushing attack could take off even if Chris Johnson is on the downside of his career, and Shonn Greene has zero elusiveness. With a healthy Kenny Britt, a second-year leap from Kendall Wright, and rookie Justin Hunter, the Titans offer enough outside weapons to leave the middle of the field open for the athletic Thompson to exploit on play-action.

I am hesitant to get too high on Thompson, but it would be a HUGE help to this offense if he can put it together.