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Introduce Yourself, Titans Fans: Two Truths and a Lie Game

Time to get a little personal! If you're new to MCM now is the perfect time to introduce yourself to the community and if you're a longtime reader, here's your chance to get to know everyone better.

Frederick Breedon

Every year our online community grows bigger and stronger. With the optimism of the offseason in full force we have had a lot of new members join our great Titans blog and it is time for an official welcome. Some of you have been long time lurkers and others are just starting to find out about the MCM experience but regardless of how long you've read MCM it's time to formally introduce yourself to the community so that we can mock you welcome you with open arms. Many commenters, including several newcomers, took the opportunity to share why you chose your screen name with us a little while back.

Now it's time to get to know Titans fans a little better and this post will give you the opportunity to tell us about yourself. A few conversation-starters can include why you became a Titan fan, your favourite memory or player, or even how you found this blog. It doesn't have to be Titans or MCM related though - you can tell us your hobbies, where you work or really anything you feel is newsworthy and want to share. It's up to you to determine what you want to include.

As you can tell by the name of the post there's one more thing to include.

A few months ago when I was tossing around the idea of an introduction post, EastTennTitan recommended that we add the game "Two Truths and a Lie" to the post to make it a little more interesting. It sounded like a great idea, so please direct all credit to me and all blame to EastTennTitan. The game is simple - give us three statements about yourself, only two of which are true and other MCMers can guess which one is the lie.

For the veteran commenters, this is your chance to play a little MCM trivia. You could make your three statements MCM-related and see if we can spot the lie. Want to falsely lay claim to an MCM meme? Go ahead and give it a shot.* Remember that funny post someone else made? See if we remember who really started it.

Here is my entry:

In prior posts we shared how you became a Titan fan but I'll reiterate it here. After watching Remember the Titans as a child I instantly determined that the NFL team with the same name must be my favourite team, even if the two aren't related in any way. Then after hearing about players like Steve McNair, Eddie George and Keith Bulluck my fate was sealed.

I've been an MCM commenter for about three and a half years and lurked before that for a few months. This is my second year contributing to the site. My time here has been an eye-opening experience. I truthfully cannot remember a great deal about how I functioned as a football fan before I found Music City Miracles. All the new perspectives, ideas and discussions have helped shape my viewpoints and made me a better fan. It's also supplemented my viewing experience as I really enjoy commenting through all the NFL events.

As for some personal info, I previously finished a Science degree and now I'm heading into my third year of Pharmacy in September. I work in the Pediatric pharmacy at one of the hospitals here and my goal is for that to hopefully lead to a full time position once I graduate. During the school year I really only have time to study, work and squeeze in as much football as possible. I love both the CFL and NFL game so I really try and watch as much of the Bombers and Titans as I can fit in my schedule. I can't forget about the Jets either. Hockey is my second favourite sport and they have quickly won a spot in my heart.

My three statements can all be found in MCM history:

1) oilertitan said the initials of my previous name were appropriately summarized as 'WTF.'

2) I have been banned from Stampede Blue for a lengthy comment about censorship.

3) My choice to replace Jeff Fisher was Mike Mularkey.

* is not responsible for any personal injury or damage that may result from MCM Curator Ron Burgundy.