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Titans sign Jalen Parmele; Cut Jamie Harper

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Titans continue to rid their roster of dead weight.

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

John Glennon first reported today that the Titans have agreed to terms with Jalen Parmele and have released Jamie Harper. The release of Harper should come as no surprise. They drafted him with the hopes that he could fill a LenDale White-like role. However, instead of running like a bruising running back, he ran like Chris Henry but without the speed.

Here is what Harper had to say to Jim Wyatt about his release via John Glennon:

Being a young guy and seeing them bring in Shonn Greene, it let me know he was the big dynamic back they were looking for. They felt like they would be restraining me to have two people fighting for the number two or number three position, so they let me go. Shonn has been in the league and has a lot of good years under his belt. I feel like we bring the same things to the table and there’s no use having the same guy.

The odds of Parmele ever actually carrying the football are pretty low, but he is a better third option than Harper.