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Who is the greatest player in the history of the Titans?

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McNair seems like the obvious choice here, but there are sure to be some other opinions out there.

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Pretty much anytime I hear the word "greatest" I think of Muhammad Ali. Thus you have the YouTube video above.

Anyway, we are now in the NFL offseason. The news will be slow from now until training camp starts, but we will still be here with fresh content every single day. This time of year lends itself well to debates that you might have sitting around your house or at a bar with some buddies while watching a baseball game in the background.

One of those debates is who is the greatest player in the history of the Titans? Now to be clear here, let's limit this discussion to people that played for the Titans. I really have no interest in going back to the days of the Oilers.

For my money, Steve McNair is the greatest player to ever put on the two-toned blue. He was the symbol of the brand of football this team played when they first came to Nashville. There were numerous times when he wasn't able to practice all week but suited up and played well on Sunday.

Air McNair is the pick for me. What say you?