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2013 NFL Draft: Daimion Stafford Scouting Report

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A look at the Titans' seventh round pick

Eric Francis

Welcome to my evaluations of the Titans draft class. I'm doing these in reverse order because knowledge of the lower picks tend to fall by the wayside with some fans. I plan on doing an UDFA breakdown post tomorrow since sufficient time has passed for them to sign. So let's begin with our seventh round pick!

Player name: Daimion Stafford

Position: Free Safety

Height/Weight: 5'11 210 (played at 221 this past fall)

School/Class: Nebraska Senior

Measurables: 4.65 40, 7.65 3 cone, 33.5 in vertical, 21 bench reps, 9'09" Broad Jump

Workout with Titans?: Yes

The tape:

Highlights (music is NSFW)


- Stafford, on most occasions, wraps up while tackling the ball carrier.

- Has good on field awareness and uses his eyes to bait offenses into going his way, resulting in turnovers.

- Decent enough foot speed to get there and blow the play up with his hard hitting prowess.


- Has a tendency to go for the home run hit instead of the proper wrap up tackle form

- Stiff hips which result in the distinct lack of hip turn and run ability, allowing big plays overhead

- Takes poor angles on ball carriers

- Aggression often times led him to have little discipline

- Admitted that he wasn't properly maintaining his nutrition, thus resulting in bad weight gain

- As a result in weight gain, he did not have the necessary speed to catch up to fleet footed backs and receivers.

How he fits the Titans:

Stafford really needs a lot of coaching to get him up to snuff at the pro level. He was a tackling machine in his two year career at Nebraska (went to JUCO before transferring) with 176 tackles. The fact that he had no discipline on and off the field in 2012 makes me worry. The off field stuff being not properly maintaining his weight, allowing himself to balloon up to 220 and slowing him down. This tells me that he mailed it in during his senior season and was hoping to get drafted off his 2011 numbers. I like his on field aggressiveness but it was to his and Nebraska's detriment. Stafford played some horrible defense along with his teammates that got torched by Montee Ball and Wisconsin in the Big 10 title game to the tune of 539 rushing yards and 70 points. He wasn't much better against Georgia in the bowl game, either. Stafford will need to make a lot of progress if he wants to make the roster. I would venture a say that he fits better as a in the box strong safety rather than free safety. Bernard Pollard lite he is, with slightly above average hands. If he fails to stick at safety, perhaps he is better off gaining weight and converting to linebacker much like Brian Urlacher and Thomas Davis did with their teams. With his lack of speed and high aggression, maybe it's a wise long term career move for him to go to two down backup inside linebacker.