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Titans roster evaluation: Quarterbacks

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A look at the QBs on the Titans roster.

Ed Szczepanski

All eyes will be on Jake Locker once training camp opens. I won't call this a make or break year for him (even though it is), but I will say that a lot will be riding on him this season. He has the work ethic to be a franchise quarterback. Hopefully this is the season that he stays healthy and puts it all together.

It will be interesting to see what Ryan Fitzpatrick brings to the table. The Buffalo Bills gave him a lot of money just a few years back because they thought he could be a franchise quarterback. That clearly didn't work out, but he should make a heck of a back-up.

There is not going to be a quarterback controversy early in the season, but if Locker doesn't play better than he did last year there will be one. I, however, don't expect that to happen.

There is also Rusty Smith. I have no idea how he has been on the team this long, but he does seem like a really nice dude.