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Why moving Karl Klug to DE will end up being ineffective

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Jack of all trades=master of none.

Hannah Foslien

Sometimes in college football you will see a team that goes with a two quarterback rotation. Steve Spurrier is famous for doing just that. The problem with that system, as the old saying goes, is that if you think you have two quarterbacks you actually have zero quarterbacks.

The same can be said for a defensive lineman that is a "tweener" between defensive end and defensive tackle. He can either play one position or the other, but he cannot play both.

Don't believe me? Remember Jason Jones? The Titans thought it would be a good idea to move him outside because he was just a little too small to play inside. How did that workout for them? I'll answer that for you- he got pissed because he wanted to play tackle and he was a non-factor outside.

I fear the same thing is going to happen with Karl Klug. They cannot figure out a way to use him inside, which is crazy to me, so they just decide to push him outside. If he could play DE at this level, someone would have drafted him to play there, or better yet, the Titans would pushed him out there last year when they had 3 DEs on the roster.