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A numbers game: A concrete look at how much better the Titans have gotten pt. 1

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The fine fellows at Pro Football Focus have said that I can use their numbers to tell the fans just how much better the Titans have gotten this offseason.


There is no doubt about it, the Titans have had a great offseason and are a much better team on paper than they were just three months earlier. The question now is, how can Titans fans see a tangible explanation of just how much better they have gotten? Well look no further, I have used PFF's numbers to show the optimal lineup for the Titans on offense and defense.

This is a detailed look at where Tennessee has improved on offense and by how much. This is considering a offensive set with three WRs, a TE, and one RB. This is also considering if the starters played the full season with no injuries so I am calling it "optimized".

2012 Wide Receivers: Kenny Britt (-7.1), Nate Washington (-1.6), and Kendall Wright (-3.6): Total [-12.3]

2013 Wide Receivers: Kenny Britt (-7.1), Justin Hunter (3.7), and Kendall Wright (-3.6): Total [-7.0]

Summary: The only change here is Justin Hunter's take over of the number two spot. I used Randy Moss as a comparison for rookie Justin Hunter, whose numbers aren't that far off from a conservative estimate of the numbers Hunter should produce. Randy Moss had 434 yards last year with three TDs and three drops.

2012 Tight End: Jared Cook (.3)

2013 Tight End: Delanie Walker (6.1)

Summary: Cook was a project that never reached fruition due to a presumed lack of work ethic and obvious miscues between he and the offensive coordinators/QBs. Luckily for all involved the Titans let Jared Cook go and they signed Delanie Walker from the Super Bowl contending 49ers. Walker is a more proven pass catcher that can also block very well for his size. The Titans would be smart to use him as a moveable TE/FB and frequently run an up-tempo offense to simplify the defenses for Locker.

2012: Offensive Line: Michael Roos (27.9), Steve Hutchinson (-2.3), Fernando Velasco (12.9), Leroy Harris (-5.9), David Stewart (11.2): Total [43.8]

2013: Offensive Line: Michael Roos (27.9), Andy Levitre (17.3), Fernando Velasco (12.9), Chance Warmack (19.3), David Stewart (11.2): Total [88.6]

Summary: WOW The Titans got so much better at offensive line this offseason. Levitre will be a phenomenal upgrade over an aging and injured Hutchinson, and Chance Warmack is going to be dominant. For a comparison I used Packers guard Josh Sitton a great run blocker that allowed three sacks and 12 hurries. I think that is fair for such a heralded rookie.

2012/2013 QB/RB stay the same: Jake Locker (3.2) and Chris Johnson (-9.3)

Summary: Nothing changed here, but I think both numbers will go up due to a solidified offensive line.

2012 Optimized Overall Grade: 37.5 (18th best)

2013 Optimized Overal Grade: 81.6 (13th best)

While it might not look like an overwhelming change, consider that the Titans nearly doubled their grade by only adding four new starters, and I gave the two rookies conservative scores. If the WRs can have fewer drops and if Locker and Johnson improve thanks to the vastly improved offensive line then the Titans could break the top ten offensively.