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What is the one moment in Titans' history you would change?

An interesting topic for your Tuesday night discussion.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Tonight's question- What is the one moment in franchise history that you would change?

For me this is an easy one- the moment that Ray Lewis ripped the ball out of Eddie George's hands in the playoff game in 2002 (following the 2001 season). See the 2000 run to the Super Bowl really was a miracle, but the 2001 team was the best team in the league. They had everything lined up to make a Super Bowl run.

But it all changed when White Suit Stabbity ripped that ball out of Eddie's hands. That was when you really knew that Baltimore had fate on their side. To this day, that is the saddest I have ever been leaving a professional sporting event.

There is no doubt that the Titans would have won the Super Bowl that season if they won that game. Who knows how franchise history would have been different if they had just won that game.