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Maurice Jones-Drew arrested following bar fight

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MJD had a little run-in with the law Sunday night.

Doug Benc

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew was arrested on Sunday after getting in a fight in a bar in Florida. Here is Chris Wesssing of NFL's ATR summation of the police report:

According to the police report, a friend of Jones-Drew put his hands on a security guard after being warned to stop touching a young woman. A scuffle ensued wherein the security guard -- who goes by the nickname "Hillbilly" in the police report -- put the friend in a headlock. At that point, Jones-Drew allegedly knocked the security guard out with a closed fist to the cheek.

A security guard nicknamed "Hillbilly" can't make this stuff up.

Jones-Drew really should be spending time getting ready for next season after letting down all of the people who drafted him really early in fantasy football drafts last season instead of hanging out in bars. #sarcasm #kindof

The Jaguars released a statement that said they were hoping if a player was going to get arrested during the offseason they really hoped it would be Blaine Gabbert. #alsosarcasm