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How the Titans can get back their 2014 3rd rd pick

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The Titans traded away their 3rd round pick to move up and grab Justin Hunter, how can they get that pick from the 49ers?

Frederick Breedon

Unfortunately for 49ers fans, Michael Crabtree went down with an Achilles injury that will sideline him for most of the season. Though fans and coaches are optimistic, it is hard for a WR to fully heal after that sort of injury and his burst of the line may not be the same temporarily if not permanently. Luckily for SF fans the Titans may have just the thing they need, and vice versa.

The Titans traded the 2014 3rd round pick in order to move up and draft talented wide receiver Justin Hunter at pick 34 and I have to believe that the Titans front office would love a chance to have that pick back. If I'm right then the Titans need to be on the phone right now trying to make the following trade:

The Titans receive the 2014 3rd round pick they formerly traded

The 49ers receive WRs Damian Williams and Nate Washington.

Why Tennessee should do it: The Titans honestly aren't using them. Though both can be very productive players in this league Kenny Britt, Justin Hunter, and Kendall Wright are the ideal trio that the Titans would like to trot out on Sundays. Britt has all the tools to be a top-10 NFL WR, Justin Hunter could be an amazing #2, and Kendall Wright has the quickness and shiftiness to be a very good target in the slot.

Why the 49ers would do it: They get to kill two birds with one stone. Nate Washington can reproduce everything that Randy Moss brought to the table, he is a deep threat that makes some special plays when motivated. Damian Williams has proven in the past that he can be a very good sideline receiver. D-Will has a good frame, quickness, and awareness all of which make him deadly in the red zone. In 2011 the two combined for 1615 yards, 12 TDs, 74 1st downs, and 0 fumbles which is greater than the production that Crabtree and Moss combined for last year.