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Titans fans are right to value OG higher than most.

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In a draft filled with sub par top-end talent at key positions, why did the Titans not get more praise for identifying need and drafting probably the most talented player in the draft?


It is no secret that most Titans fans were on board with taking Chance Warmack at #10 pre-draft, and even if he wasn't their first choice he must have made the top three. Warmack was a huge get for the Titans, he is big, athletic for his size (though the combine didn't show it), a mauler, and a technician. Honestly he is everything a right guard hopes to be, but no matter how good a player is some people think that will always be against taking an interior lineman in the top ten.

Well I have had enough of the Titans front office not getting the respect it deserves, and in this case they made the obvious and correct choice. The Titans have to deal with JJ Watt who typically plays vs the RT/RG depending on the package the Texans run, and having backup-quality players in that spot just wasn't cutting it. This is the obvious explanation, but it isn't just Watt causing issues, it is a shift in league mentality.

Players like Geno Atkins and Ndamukong Suh are becoming the prototypical 3-techs, focusing more on rushing the passer than stopping the run. More than that, we are seeing teams bumping pass rushers inside to mimic the Giants' NASCAR formation more often every year. The best way to combat these looks is by having guards nimble enough to lock onto the pass rushers, and strong enough to make the NASCAR package a liability on anything shorter than 3rd and 5.

I'm not saying the Warmack pick makes the Titans Super Bowl contenders, but if you can seal the edges with good tackles and the pressure is coming from the inside, then the smartest thing to do is to find a great guard and plug him in to that void. The Titans realized this and made two moves that the media doesn't like, but next year when CJ regains his top-3 RB status and Locker looks improved people will be looking everywhere to figure out what changed. I am just letting you know ahead of time that they will be able to attribute a lot of it to the job Munchak and Webster did upgrading the G/C/G combo.