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When will the Titans need Blidi Wreh-Wilson most?

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The Titans drafted UCONN CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson in the top of third round in one of their more surprising draft moves, but what did they see in him that they liked so much?

Frederick Breedon

The Titans passed over their number one center, their ideal nickel LB, and an edge rusher for Blidi Wreh-Wilson at the top of round three so just what did the Titans front office see in the big corner from UCONN?

What we can deduce from his size and comments made assistant secondary coach Steve Brown in the video available on the Titans team page, is that BWW will likely be used on the outside as much as possible.

In a conference call to BWW, the question was asked if he had been told what his role was and his response suggested that they wanted him to play as soon as possible. If he is competing for a starting job, he will most likely be matched up on the teams biggest opposing WR/TE to prevent matchup issues.

Even if he is only used to shadow the biggest target in nickel packages, here is who the Titans will likely ask him to match up with on a week-to-week basis in an attempt to eliminate the jump ball.

Game 1 PIT: Heath Miller TE 6'5"

Game 2 HOU: Andre Johnson WR 6'3"

Game 3 SD: Malcom Floyd WR 6'5"

Game 4 NYJ: Stephen Hill WR 6'4"

Game 5 KC: Jonathan Baldwin WR 6'4"

Game 6 SEA: Sidney Rice WR 6'3"

Game 7 SF: Vernon Davis TE 6'3"

Game 8 STL: Austin Pettis WR 6'3"

Game 9 JAX: Marcedes Lewis TE 6'6"

Game 10 IND: Coby Fleener TE 6'6"

Game 11 OAK: Rod Streater WR 6'3"

Game 12 IND: Coby Fleener TE 6'6"

Game 13 DEN: Joel Dreessen TE 6'4"

Game 14 ARZ: Larry Fitzgerald WR 6'3"

Game 15 JAX: Marcedes Lewis TE 6'6"

Game 16 HOU: Andre Johnson WR 6'3"

Now I'm not saying that BWW will be able to come in and eliminate these guys, but if he plays well he could seriously upgrade this defense. For years now the Titans have struggled covering big targets which is why players like Andre Johnson (or ya know, every tight end in the league) feasted on the small corners the Titans had employed.

Now, though far from towering, the Titans have three starter-level CBs above 5'10" that can compete with the these guys without ever giving up more than half a foot in height like they did in the Finnegan era.