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MCM Radio: Talking Titans, Now With Brevity

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Join us live at 9:00 Central tonight for an abbreviated episode of MCM Radio

Frederick Breedon

Huzzzah! It's MCM Radio time again tonight, and Danomite and myself are set to delivery you a cram packed show of Titans goodness promptly at 9:00 Central. In light of the sparse news cycle, we're cutting tonight's show down to 30 minutes this week, but that just means we'll be going rapid fire. We'll also have the lines open for anyone who wants to call in be a part of the show!

You can listen in live, get the call in number and join the chat by clicking here. If you can't make the live show, you can always download the show as a podcast via iTunes minutes after the show ends, or you can stream it live on the BTR page.

As always, I'll also post a recap article with the live streaming app tomorrow morning here on MCM. We highly encourage you to catch the stream or the podcast version each week to get our exclusive post-show segment that continues after the live feed ends.

If you enjoy MCM Radio and want to help keep it growing and improving, we'd love for you to donate at our PayPal account, Even the smallest bit helps, and every cent will go to the show. We don't profit at all from MCM Radio, we just want to make this a bigger, badder experience for you loyal folks who send us so much love!