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Tennessee Titans News Links: Back on Track

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Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!


I apologize for not having links up yesterday, my power was out from some bad weather. Onto today's links.

A lot of the links today are videos from Titans Online, so enjoy!

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Kendall Wright talks about the leadership of Jake Locker, the depth at wide receiver, and also about his first impression of Shawn Jefferson.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Jake talks about his leadership role, the new system, and just getting better in the offseason.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 The scheme being implemented highlights the strengths of the players currently on the roster.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 George Wilson talked about the revamped secondary, and just the overall attitude of the defense.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Derrick Morgan also talkes about the tweaks to the defense. I am really excited for Derrick this coming year. Last year was great, and I expect him to turn some of those hurries into sacks.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Jerry Gray says we have the guys that can win one on one match-ups. I hope so.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 John Glennon does a schedule analysis for the Titans in 2013.

Quote of the Day: "No pressure, no diamonds." -Baylor Tshirt