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Wednesday night open thread; blocking transfers

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What is fair when a college player decides the university he has chosen is not for him?


There have been a lot of stories lately about college kids wanting to transfer and coaches blocking them from schools where hey want to go. The NCAA is the most hypocritical organization there is, but that is not really what I want to get into in this post.

In case you aren't aware of the current rules, after a player has signed a letter of intent to go to a school, they cannot transfer without the coach letting them out of that letter. That is why the list of schools that the coach tells the player he will not release him to is so important.

My question for tonight is what is fair when a kid wants to transfer. Should a coach just be able to "block" the player from transferring to another school in the conference, from schools that are on the future schedule, or should the coach be able to determine where the player goes?