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NFL discussing moving draft to May

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The Twitter world has been blowing up today after news broke that the NFL and NFLPA are discussing moving the NFL Draft from the end of April to the middle of May. Nothing has been decided yet, but everything seems to indicate that the 2014 draft will take place in May.


I would hate this. It already seems like an eternity from the end of the season to the draft- adding two or three weeks to that might make me lose my mind. The NFL is trying to become a year round league, but I am not sure that any of us can take an extra few weeks of sorting through mock drafts (of course it would help if the Titans would make the playoffs).

There is also talk that free agency would start before the NFL combine if they move the draft back. That would be interesting because right now the combine is where executives from NFL teams go to tamper with potential free agents.

A few people have (sarcastically) suggested that they should just make the first round one pick per day from the middle of April to the middle of May. There is no way that will actually there?