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Monday night open thread; Titans best draft pick ever?

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There have been a lot of draft picks over the years- some good, some bad....

Bob Levey

Who is the best draft pick the Titans have ever made? This is really a tough discussion to quantify because every person is going to have a different criteria. In my opinion, you have to factor in where they were picked. A first round guy should produce, but when you find a Pro Bowl guy in the sixth seventh round, that is really something.

All of that is my way of explaining why I think Cortland Finnegan is the Titans best draft pick ever. He ended up being an elite corner, and they took him five six full rounds after the #6 overall pick, he who shall not be named, that was supposed to be the elite corner.

Also, for both of you Oiler people out there (ha!), feel free to include any of those guys in this list as well.

That is what I have for you tonight. Discuss that and/or anything else that is on your mind.