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Titan 10: On Backup Linebackers and Titans Fans

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Here are ten quick thoughts on the Titans and NFL on the previous week. The Titans made a few additions while Dwight Freeney landed in San Diego. MCMers are spread across the globe. And in shocking news, the Jaguars quarterbacks are still bad.

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1) I was surprised that Moise Fokou was able to keep his alleged DUI quiet for so long. It's likely the Titans knew about it prior to signing him so I doubt it alters their plans but this story hasn't yet been completed. Tennessee has seemingly made an effort to target high-character guys through the draft so I'd be interested in hearing what was really being said behind closed doors.

2) Last week the Titans signed former Giant and Jaguar Greg Jones, who has had some time at MLB. I liked Jones coming out of the draft two years ago and thought he went really low when New York scooped him up in the sixth round, but his stock's gone even lower since then. Still I'm (likely irrationally) hoping Jones can pick up his play and compete with Fokou to be Colin McCarthy's backup. Whoever lands that position could be in line for a lot of playing time.

3) Dwight Freeney signed a fairly sizeable deal with the San Diego Chargers over the weekend and for that money I'm glad we passed.. I will keep repeating this though: Israel Idonije is still the best defensive end out there and gives us a possible defensive tackle option too. ProFootballFocus loved his work last year. Unfortunately, danomite said the team is more interested in John Abraham. He's a decent option too but a lot older. I am not sold he's got a lot left in the tank.

4) Chris Johnson came in at number 62 on NFL Network's Top 100 players of 2013. I have not watched a minute of that show and honestly can't bring myself to even feign outrage over whether CJ is too high or too low.

5) This is Smash's Google Map of Titans fans around the world. I don't want to act like I go to a new age feel-goodery, but that is so cool. To see where we are all from is creepy a credit to the Titans fanbase.

6) What will this coaching staff do with Karl Klug? He was not used enough last year but the idea of kicking him out to end (link) is a poor one. As soon as you move him outside he'll become a liability.

7) It's late May and the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterbacks are Blaine Gabbert, Chad Henne and Matt Scott. That has to bode well for the Titans.

8) The Vikings new stadium looks great in my opinion. Not usually a big fan of closed stadiums but I'm familiar enough with Minnesota weather to know it's an important feature in this case.

9) Seattle Seahawk Bruce Irvin was suspended four games for Adderrall. That makes five PED-related suspensions for Seattle since 2011, not including Richard Sherman's over-turned one. You can file that one under "Things that Make You Go Hmmm."

10) Which quarterback gets the most wins this year: Matt Stafford, Mark Sanchez or Josh Freeman? Those were the top three QBs chosen in the 2009 draft. Stafford's Lions are up and down while Sanchez and Freeman are both facing competition from rookies. I'll take Stafford, but not by much.