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John Abraham visiting the Titans today

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John Abraham is in town today. Hopefully he won't leave until he has signed a contract.

Kevin C. Cox

We all expected the Titans to take a defensive end early in the draft. They did not. So it should come as no surprise that they are now working the defensive end market to find a pass rusher that can help them.

Jim Wyatt reported earlier today that John Abraham is visiting Baptist Sports Park today. The Titans had interest in Abraham last year before he re-signed with the Falcons, but were said to not have interest before the draft. That has apparently changed.

Abraham turns 35 in just a few days, but was still really effective for the Falcons last year when he registered 10 sacks. That is more than anyone on the Titans had last season.

He shouldn't be that expensive. The veteran defensive ends have been signing for pretty cheap during this free agency period. They can definitely get him on a 1-year deal, and they probably won't have to give him very much guaranteed money- if any at all.