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Titans 2013 Draft Analysis: We're Gonna Be A Physical Team!

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The two-toned blue drafted two big ugly nasty lineman, physical corner, a physical WR, and quality depth. Pretty much means the Titans are tired of being pushed around.


The Titans almost had an absolute flawless draft, at least in my opinion. The only way it could have been better is if they added on a more elite pass rusher, but they got great value in the Lavar Edwards pick and another speedster Linebacker in Gooden. Even if the Titans missed out on Moore from A&M or Hunt from SMU, they still had a great draft.

The first pick couldn't have gone any more perfect. Warmack is an absolute beast, who can mow down defenders to make run lanes and protect Locker. There was some drama that made me a tad uneasy before the pick. With the Rams trading up, and the Jets looking to also beef up their line, I was worried that the Titans would miss out on Cooper and Warmack. Once Cooper was taken by the Cardinals, I was really nervous. Who didn't feel like this was going to be like past drafts? You know what I'm talking about, the Titans just missing out on the player they specifically want and who fits their needs. With the teams after the Cardinals starting picking other players like Tavon Austin and Dee Milliner, I started to grow with excitement. Finally the Titans are actually gonna get the guy they wanted, unless they pick someone that no one would think of (i.e. Kendall Wright or even CJ, even though CJ worked out pretty well). Somehow the Titans did not disappoint, they picked arguably the best player in the draft.

If you look deeper at why they picked Warmack, you will see why he was their guy from day one. They want to dictate the pace of the game and not let other teams dictate it for them, much like opponents did this past season. Warmack, is big, mean, strong, smart, and a perfect compliment to Andy Levitre.

Not only was Warmack a perfect pick, but so was 4th round steal Brian Schwenke. Schwenke, according to some draft experts is pro-ready as well. An immediate plug and start (which could make current Center Velasco a tad nervous about his job). Brian was given a second to third round grade by most draft experts, and some say he and Barrett Jones are the two best Centers in this years draft. The Titans stayed patient and got him in the 4th, unlike Dallas who went out on a limp and drafted a player with the same draft value in the 1st round. Schwenke also fits the mold the Titans want, big, strong, mean, and nasty for his position. With those two picks alone the Titans have solidified their interior line for the next 5 years.

The second round pick at first had me questioning their logic to trade up and pick a WR, which wasn't as big a pressing need as edge rusher. It does make perfect sense though, they went and got a first round value player in the 2nd. Justin Hunter on some boards, was arguably the best WR in the draft. The reason's he slid was his past injuries and his hands, but his blazing speed and size make up for those shortcomings. Speed and size are two things you can't teach, improving your hands is something you can teach (injuries are something teams just have to gamble on). Some NFL experts compare Hunter to current Bengals WR A.J. Green, which is quite the comparison. Look if the Titans get the next A.J. Green by only trading a 7th rd pick, and 3rd pick in next years draft, then Ruston Webster should get a medal.

I like the Blidi Wreh-Wilson pick as well, even though I tend to think they wanted the Honey Badge, but he got picked right before the Titans. Wilson is bigger and more physical than the Honey Badger. He clocked in at 4.55 in his 40, which is pretty good, but the only thing I worry about is his inability to turn his hips quickly. He is a press corner, which is perfect against the big physical WR (i.e. Andre Johnson, Justin Blackmon, and Reggie Wayne), but he does have an issue when turning to stay with the WR on the deep ball. He isn't an immediate starter like the first two picks, but he will probably be on the field during nickel situations.

LB Zavar Gooden has that ever so important commodity, speed. Some people say he lacks instincts and lacks tackling ability. Those are two big knocks if you play Linebacker in the NFL, but those are two things that you can be taught. Current Titans LB's Ayers and Brown both had complaints about their tackling ability as well, but as a lot of you saw this past season they sure did fix that problem. Gooden could be another one of those diamond in the rough LB's

DE Lavar Edwards may be the only pick I have a problem with. I'm not saying he isn't good or he doesn't fit what the Titans want in a DE. He has the size they want, but lacks the speed. He's a 6'4, 277 pound DE, and can be physical with OT specifically on running situations, but his lack of speed makes me think he is only a situation DE. The Titans needed more of an edge rusher, than a big physical DE, which is my only complaint. Edwards could turn out to be a 3 down DE with some coaching, we shall see.

CB Khalid Wooten is a perfect value corner that was taken in the sixth round. As of right now he probably will be relegated to special teams duty, because he looks more like a project than a starter. He lacks the polish to get into defensive reps right now, but fits the physical corner mold the Titans wanted.

S Daimion Stafford was a JUCO star (that's junior college player, to the football illiterate), before he transferred to the University of Nebraska. He is another developmental player like Wooten, who lacks overall speed, which could be attributed to his big build. His big build has it's positives though. He apparently makes WR's pay for going over the middle and is great against the run. It seems he has the same pedigree as current Titans S Bernard Pollard, who he can learn from.

Overall I give the Titans an A-. Very close to being a perfect draft, of course this may all change when the season starts and we see how much of an impact these players have. Right now, at least on paper, the Titans drafted one of their better draft classes.