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Who needs a big camp: Wide Receiver edition

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A healthy battle is brewing at the receiver position, who need a big camp to stay on the roster and who could make a move to start?

Harry How

For the second time in two years the Titans drafted a dynamic wide receiver in the first two rounds, and when you have that influx of talent you can't help but have competition at a position that can only start three players regularly. One of these players needs a big camp to stay on the roster, and the other could sneak into a lot more playing time with a good camp.

Nate Washington is the obvious odd man out, whether that means the rumors of a pre-draft trade or the inevitability of the Titans setting up a future without him. Nate Washington needs to wow the coaches and fellow players with work ethic, concentration, and an obvious re-commitment to being a Titan after embarrassing games late in the season last year. Due $4 million this year doesn't help his case, but if he can prove that he is more than just a deep threat and if he and Kevin Walter prove to be solid teachers to the young WRs then it could make sense to hold on to the former 1,000 yard target.

On the other hand, Damian Williams is forgotten name among Titans fans and I don't know why. Williams isn't a giant target but he plays big and his hands are much more reliable than Kenny Britt, Nate Washington, or even Justin Hunter (until he proves otherwise) so why do the fans and coaches not seem to like him. If he has a big camp and builds a connection with Jake Locker then he could be a great option in the redzone given his fantastic ability to tap his toes inside the back of the endzone and his ability to maximize his frame. If Kenny Britt gets in trouble or hurt (which I obviously hope isn't the case) then Williams could be step up and prove himself a long term option as a "Boldin-type" WR. In fact I think he has a lot of similarities to Texans first round pick DeAndre Hopkins.