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Titans preseason schedule: Dates and times announced

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The NFL has released the dates and times for all of the 2013 preseason games.

Frederick Breedon

The NFL announced the Titans preseason opponents and the week they would be playing them earlier this year, but now they have release the exact date and time of each game. Here is the Titans schedule:

Thursday 8/8 vs. Washington 7:00 central

Saturday 8/17 @ Cincinnati 6:00 central

Saturday 8/24 vs. Atlanta 7:00 central

Thursday 8/29 @ Minnesota 7:00 central

None of these games will be featured on national television. There is a chance the NFL Network could pick up one of the Saturday games, but we won't know that until closer to the game. The games will be televised locally on WKRN, but you can only pick that up in the middle Tennessee area.

It is good that the third game is against the Falcons. That is the game where the starters will play the longest for both sides and should give us a good indication of where the Titans are at that point.